Dissemination event in Portugal

On March 17, 2022 PTE project was presented to young adults of Romanian nationality at the Mobility Friends campus.

In particular, the participants got to know more about the PTE training manual that is available on the website in 5 different languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German).

The training manual in the field of minority human rights education aims to present current practices on preparing adult educators for young adults’ minority human rights work. Within its chapters, readers can find different minority human rights training case studies and ideas on how to organize minority human rights training. Moreover, the manual offers a detail explanation on how to design and deliver minority human rights training, how to evaluate the course and activities, as well as the challenges which educators may encounter on their way.

Also during the dissemination event, Mobility Friends shared the project’s social networks and invited people to register to the Moodle platform.