Final conference in Germany

On 4th of April, 2022, Copernicus Berlin had the pleasure to organize a Multiplier event in Berlin, Germany as part of KA2 Pathway to Equality project.

The event aimed to introduce participants to all project activities of PTE, namely the MOODLE platform, e-learning courses and training manual which the consortium has elaborated.

Moreover, during the event was officially released the last project output, the Policy Recommendations document. The Policy Recommendations aim to introduce readers to different human rights policies and initiatives coming from the four project partners – Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Moreover, it shows that although sometimes some good practices look easier to implement, moving from theory to practice can be a very complex process, which involves many participants with different roles, interests, and resources. Therefore, essential for the protection of human rights is the cooperation between all stakeholders.

In addition to the project results and activities, the public had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges which minorities face in Germany and about good practices that are implemented in the community. Moreover, a discussion about the Ukrainian refugee crisis and the ongoing movement of people caused by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine was also discussed, together with the new challenges that it brought to the EU and the need for integration of minorities.