Final Conference in Portugal

On April 14th, Mobility Friends organized the Multiplier Event of the Pathway to Equality project for more than 30 young adults and adults invited by Mobility Friends, people interested in the project topics, and who can take advantage of all the steps carried out during the two years of construction of the Pathway to Equality project.

We have the presence of Mr. Herculano Andrade, who presented the project to our guests, as he has extensive experience in the area of ​​fighting for equality, acts of discrimination and the impact these topics can have on a young adult’s life and how these issues can be solved. He has a degree in psychology, and works as a trainer for young adults in related areas.

During the event, all the activities and results of the project carried out were presented, such as the e-learning platform, the training manual that was printed and delivered to the participants, as well as the policy recommendation document.

During the event, young adults followed Mr. Herculano while reviewing the official website and subscribing to the Moodle platform.

To complement all the information received during the Multiplier event, our guests also visited the social networks Facebook and Instagram of the project, as there they can find a set of information and curiosities related to the theme.

All the guests showed a lot of interest in the project and in the future they will continue to use the developed tools.