First Intermediate meeting

First intermediate meeting
Pathway to Equality
Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult

Project Coordinator: Copernicus Berlin e.V. (Germany)
Project partners: Mobility Friends (Portugal), Futuro Digitale (Italy), EuropeYou (Spain)

Meeting Address: Sophienstr. 28/29, 10178 Berlin

Date: 28/07/2021

Meeting duration: From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Meeting Format: The meeting was attended by the representative of all partner NGOs, excepting Mobility Friends. Unfortunately, due to COVID19 restrictions imposed by the German Authorities, the representative of Portugal could not travel to Berlin. However, two people from Mobility Friends attended the meeting through ZOOM platform.

The main points of the meeting were:

i. Check that the project proceeds according to plan, monitoring the progress of work and taking corrective measures where appropriate.

ii. Discussion, assessment and evaluation of the IO1 & IO2 realized.

iii. Assessment of the first training event (C1) in Germany realized.

iv. The development of the Training Manual (IO3).

v. The organization of the second training event (TE)(C2) in Portugal was defined.

vi. Launch of the PTE Ambassador programme.

vii. Evaluation of dissemination activities.

viii. Better definition of each partner’s tasks.