A greater commitment to understanding and implementing minority rights at local, regional, national, and international levels, with the full inclusion and participation of minority groups, is imperative to prevent conflict and ensure the overall well-being of our societies. The members of minority groups make significant contributions to the richness and diversity of our communities, but in order to give them a voice, States have to ensure that there is a strict collaboration between different actors among the society, and that they all contribute to the implementation of new strategies, priorities and approaches that can lead to the achievement of more just societies where people’s rights are respected and protected. Human rights implementation requires an “enabling environment” provided by good governance, and good governance is informed by human rights principles. These principles provide values to guide policy and implementation, as well as performance standards to improve accountability. 

The following document aims to introduce readers to different human rights policies and initiatives coming from the four project partners – Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Moreover, it shows that although sometimes some good practices look easier to implement, moving from theory to practice can be a very complex process, which involves many participants with different roles, interests, and resources. Therefore, essential for the protection of human rights is the cooperation between all stakeholders. They have to find an overall approach that can let them achieve better their objectives, as well as build a human rights roadmap based on extensive engagement and consultation with experts in human rights.  A human rights roadmap should gear towards important broad ends, illustrating approaches to address gaps, improve programs, and implement new measures to respect human rights.

The document is available in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and German language. Enjoy reading!

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