From 3rd to 10th of July, 2021, Copernicus Berlin e.V. had the pleasure to host the first staff training event of KA2 “Pathway to Equality” in Berlin, Germany. The training event involved adult workers coming from Germany, Spain and Italy. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 restrictions, in the last moment the Portuguese representatives could not travel to Berlin, but they were able to participate online, presenting their own modules and all together testing all project materials elaborated by the consortium.

During the training week participants had the chance to pilot the e-learning courses elaborated by each project partner together with the quiz area and videos produced. The MOODLE online platform contains seven e-learning modules focused on minority human rights as well as methods and good practice that can be used when teaching human rights educations to young adult minorities.

Each project partner presented its own modules through interactive workshops, presentations and group activities aimed to test the knowledge and competences acquired. The training event contains a lot of non-formal activities which raised interesting discussions on how effectively minority human rights are promoted at EU level, and how adult workers can engage young adult from minority background to uphold their own rights. Working in international groups, participants discovered who are the main groups of European Union young adults’ minorities & the contemporary challenges in Europe related to them. Through role play games they tried to express what are the main issues and discrimination young adult minorities could encounter in their daily life and presented different discriminative situations in public and private space.

Participants also had the chance to attend a nice international event organized by Copernicus Berlin with people from more than 15 countries from all over the world, where they discovered not only how different persons could be, but also the many things we all have in common and the importance of integrating minorities in our societies, valuing the added value diversity bring for all of us. The event was a great chance for sharing own experience while putting yourself in other’s shoes.

In addition, participants organized their intercultural night, where traditional food, beverages and dances were presented. Thanks to the different videos, dances and music, participants learnt more about each other culture and traditions.